Replit Reps

Replit Reps

What is this program?

Replit Reps are Replit’s community ambassadors. They’re passionate about making programming accessible. They enjoy making awesome projects and sharing their skills. They believe that Replit and coding is for everyone, and that anyone should be able to learn in a judgement-free zone. Plus, they’re excited to work with our team.

Fall 2022 Cohort

To check out our current class of Reps and see what they're working on, click the images below.

How to apply

We're currently in the middle of a cohort season, and not accepting applications. This cohort runs from September through December 2022. Check back in December to apply for the Spring 2023 cohort!

What it means to be a Replit Rep

Replit Reps are coding enthusiasts who teach and share Replit in these ways:

  • Events - Connecting with your online or in real life communities and teaching Replit through workshops, livestreams, or hackathons.
  • Content creation - Creating your own Repls, Templates, or tutorials and showcasing your work on social media.

Community Objectives

1. Empower others

Replit is for everyone, and everyone starts somewhere. Be patient and inclusive - things that are simple for you may be hard for others. We have absolute beginners and coding experts on our platform, and we want everyone to feel at home here.

2. Represent Replit in your community

You might be doing a presentation about Replit for your university's coding club, or running a livestream on Twitch. You'll share the magic and fun of Replit with your community, no matter where they are.

3. Support each other

As part of Replit Reps, you'll be connected to the other young leaders in your cohort. Take advantage of this opportunity to share something cool you've learned recently, like each other's posts on social media, and support each other as you grow your coding and leadership skills.

4. Be kind

There is no place for hate in our community. Respect each other, use appropriate language, and be kind. Be positive, and always be sure to reinforce that coding on Replit is a fun and friendly experience.